Quickstart Implementation

Use Claritysoft’s proven QuickStart implementation program to quickly set-up, customize, and train your sales staff.

Simple Set-Up

Claritysoft’s simple CRM extends through the setup process without compromising on powerful features. Thanks to straightforward design, implementation is faster so that organizations can reap benefits sooner. Use Claritysoft’s proven Quickstart Program to quickly setup, customize, train your team, and hit the ground running.

  • Getting Started – Your Claritysoft lead implementation specialist will discuss your CRM goals and business requirements and guide you through preparing for the setup process.
  • Setup – You will work directly with your Claritysoft implementation specialist to setup and customize your CRM system. You can count on our team to always by your side to make sure setup goes smoothly.
  • Import Your Data – Importing your data correctly is a critical part of a successful CRM implementation. We will hold your hand through each step of this process to ensure your success.
  • End User Training – Claritysoft will provide training for your team so they will be ready to go right out of the gate.
  • Go Live Fast – The entire Claritysoft Quickstart process requires 3 to 7 hours of consulting depending on your organizational requirements. Go live fast and inexpensively – 95% of customers need nothing more.