About the Clarity CRM Platform

Building a great CRM platform is about more than just features and design. We bring to the table years of experience in better customer management, with a team of people who are as dedicated as you are to helping your business meet its goals.

What Sets Us Apart From Other CRM Companies

At Claritysoft, we’re passionate about the customer experience. It’s the force that’s driven and inspired us from day one. It’s the foundation on which we design our products and deliver customer service. Customer relationship management is our business and we’ve set out to make it better. By putting the needs of every user at the center of everything we do, we help ensure the benefits of CRM reach every level of your organization.

Our Beliefs

Claritysoft was created on the belief that customer management software should do more for the sales and service teams who use it. CRM should make users more productive and help teams sell more, not just provide reports to management. All software should be intuitive and easy to use with minimal clicks and navigation to accomplish everyday tasks.

What is CRM Software?

Meaning Customer Relationship Management, CRM software is a system specially designed to help companies better manage their relationships with all current and potential customers. Through the collection of customer data, CRM software evolves with your business by analyzing the past and current status of all customers. It provides every team member with actionable intel, valuable customer data, and insight into the relationship you share with all your clients in one centralized location.

Our Mission

Claritysoft’s mission is to help organizations deliver outstanding customer experiences. Our mission is to help our clients do more, with intuitive technology and a strong focus on the end-user experience. Companies use our software to turn prospects into customers and customers into advocates.

Our Customers

Claritysoft proudly serves a host of clients from large enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses in seven different countries across a broad range of industries. Many of our customers do not have full-time IT staff and need software that is quick to implement, easy to use and simple to maintain.

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Our CRM Solutions

When it comes to using CRM, businesses know that there’s more to a great platform than just data logging. Our customers appreciate the features that set us apart from other CRM competitors, and unlike some systems, businesses can go live with CRM in a couple days, not months. With Claritysoft, you can use CRM on any device, anywhere and at any time, even when you don’t have the Internet. Learn more about our features.

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