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Email Marketing Typically Requires A Lot of Work

When you’re faced with complex builders and scattered metrics, it's hard to know if email marketing is worth the investment.
An Easier Way To

Use Email as a Powerful Selling Tool

Claritysoft Engage makes it easy to maximize sales through email. With our easy to-use platform, you’ll build emails you’re proud to share while understanding the metrics behind them

Elevate Your Marketing

Easily build beautiful and professional emails that look like the 'big guys'.

Know Your Audience

Send the right message to the right person at the right time with strategic email segmenting.

Understand Engagement

Get a clear view of what’s working and where you’re getting a return on your marketing dollars.

Automatic Email Validation

Keep your sender score and delivery rates high by automatically validating every email entered in your platform.

Customer Journey Builder

Easily create and automate a series of emails that engage customers and accelerate their journey with your business.

Template Library

Save time and send more winning emails with our library of 70+ professionally designed email.

Mobile Optimized

Each email you send is optimized for all devices, including computers, phones and tablets.

Smart Segmenting

Easily filter through contacts and define ideal audiences for every email campaign.

Drag and Drop Email Builder

Create custom emails from scratch with our easy-to-use email builder.

Easy Contact Import

Claritysoft automatically syncs your contacts from your CRM for easy email marketing. No more uploading spreadsheets.

Email Marketing Analytics

Understand campaign performance with a clear view of delivery rates, open rates, click rates, conversion rates and more.

Streamline Your Sales Process

When your email marketing takes off and your pipeline is full of qualifed leads…your only missing piece is a platform that makes it easy to convert and retain great customers.

Clarity CRM connects with Clarity Engage, so you’ll have the tools to bring in more leads and manage every interaction through the sales process…in one intuitive platform.

Track Sales With Ease

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we create a newsletter?
Yes. Clarity Engage comes with an easy-to-use email designer that lets you drag and drop the different elements you may want in your newsletter. You can also copy/clone your original newsletter design so you don’t have to start from scratch for subsequent newsletters.
Do you have an email template library?
Yes. Clarity Engage comes with over 70 professionally designed email templates that you can use as a starting point for your own campaigns.
Is it possible to schedule email campaigns?
Yes. All campaigns can be sent immediately or scheduled to be sent at a later date.
Can we purchase Clarity Engage on its own?
No. Currently, Clarity Engage is only sold as an add-on to Claritysoft CRM.
Is it possible to create a nurturing campaign?
Yes. Clarity Engage enables you to create a series of email sent out at intervals that you specify. You also get a “journey builder” that allows branching so you can send different email depending on how the recipient engages with the previous email.

Drive Business Growth Through Email

No more throwing spaghetti at the wall. We'll help you send emails you're proud to share AND get a clear understanding of the data behind them.

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