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Benefits of CRM Using Mass Emails

Author: ClaritysoftUploaded: 06/04/2018

Drastically Increase Marketing Productivity with CRM Email

Have you ever driven a car that’s misaligned? You want to go one way, and it’s always pulling in the other direction, making it more challenging to reach your destination. The same is true in business when there’s misalignment in sales and marketing. Both functions need to work in parallel to achieve the company’s goals.


The systems that support sales and marketing are the foundation for aligning their efforts. Given that, why do so many businesses still limp along using sales and marketing systems that fail to communicate with each other? To get the full benefits of CRM, they need a system that enables the two functions to work in harmony.


Luckily, the best software developers have addressed this need by creating software that allows for seamless workflows between sales and marketing, boosting productivity and results.


Conquer Email Marketing

Email marketing is the backbone of a lead nurturing strategy. Also, many companies use email blasts for an initial outreach. Thus, it’s essential to your sales and marketing success.


Because it’s so critical, CRM benefits now include email marketing integration, making it easy to:


Send Emails to Customized Segments

You can search, filter and segment contacts based on any field, such as region or product preferences, and quickly send a personalized email to everyone who meets your criteria. This process enables you to customize messages and campaigns to achieve remarkable results.


Personalize Messages

Your emails never need to feel like mass communication.


By automatically inserting contacts’ first names, business names or other personal information into emails, you can personalize them. Also, you’ll be able to send them individually rather than as mass emails with a long list of names strung together along the blind carbon copy line.


One-on-one emails not only flow more effortlessly through spam traps, but recipients are also more likely to respond to them.


Save Time with Templates

There’s no reason to duplicate work or sacrifice quality by having your salespeople create their own messages. To help your sales team maintain a polished, professional image, create email templates all associates can use again and again.


Enhance Messages with Graphics

Visuals engage people and help them to retain information. The right CRM can put an end to bland, text-heavy emails by making it easy to add a little visual flavor.


Measure Results

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth measuring. Track your email communications to see what’s working and how each recipient is responding. Some CRMs even let you view their activity from Outlook, so you can easily tailor your communications.


The Value of CRM that Integrates Sales and Marketing Functions

Here’s how the benefits of CRM add value to your sales and marketing initiatives. They help you to:


Create Consistent Branding

Email templates ensure a consistent message. Plus, some CRM systems, such as Claritysoft, allow you to define brand standards, such as fonts and colors, within the marketing campaign. This feature ensures all emails from sales and marketing team members go out with the same look and feel, reinforcing your brand.


Communicate Faster

Select your contacts and an email template, drag and drop images and content into place, press send and your emails are on their way. These easy-to-use features help you to keep pace with today’s fast-paced world.


Successfully Nurture Leads

Fifty percent of the leads you attract will not be ready to buy day one, but will be ready some day in the future. Don’t let them wander off to the competition. Keep them in your fold.


How do you do that? Use data from your CRM system to segment contacts and create targeted email nurturing campaigns. Move leads through the buyer’s journey step by step by sending content that answers their questions, educates them and helps them get to know, like and trust you.


Automate Your Email Marketing

You and your staff are busy enough. You want to work smarter, not harder. So, automate as much of the routine marketing activities as possible. You’ll save time while ensuring consistency and that nothing slips through the cracks. Simply define your segments and automate your email marketing workflows.


The results? The leads you send to your salespeople will be better qualified, making them eager to pursue each and every lead.


Gain Immediate Visibility to Leads

Imagine your leads flowing directly from your landing pages into your CRM system where you can instantly take action. Research has shown that if you respond quickly, you are far more likely to generate qualified leads. By integrating your landing pages with your CRM system, you can automatically amass data on your unqualified leads without losing time or data as they travel a circuitous route from the marketing to the sales system.


As you can see, the benefits of CRM reach further today than ever before, allowing for true alignment between sales and marketing, which can help your company achieve amazing results.