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It’s time for CRM.

Author: ClaritysoftUploaded: 06/04/2018

23 Signs You Need CRM , It’s time for CRM.

You’re busy. From the moment you look at your phone in the morning until the last email at night, you’re chasing prospects, servicing customers and trying to manage your sales team. After three cups of coffee and half a protein bar for lunch, you wonder if there’s a better way.


You’ve thought about Customer Relationship Management software, but you’re not sure if it’s worth the investment. What you might not have considered is how much NOT having CRM costs you. If any of these signs apply to you, it’s time for CRM.


Is this you?

#1  Your leads are all over the place – in spreadsheets, emails, sticky notes and your sales reps’ heads.


#2  You lost a good lead behind the desk.


#3  When you looked behind your desk you found a pushpin, 2 pencils, a spider web (disgusting) and an old lead.


#4  You kept digging behind your desk. You found more than one old lead behind your desk and a crust from last week’s sandwich. You vowed to clean more often.


#5  You told your sales team to look behind their desks for leads.


#6  More than once, you’ve confidently walked into the weekly sales meeting with a lead stuck to your elbow.


#7  All your sales reps make up their own introduction letters. You have no idea whether your reps are saying the right things or which letters work best.


#8  You hope your sales team is following up on leads, but you don’t know. You are clueless as to where your best leads come from.


#9  You can’t say what your sales team does all day. You don’t know which deals your team is pursuing, why you win or why you lose.


#10 You’re tracking your sales, opportunities and next steps in a spreadsheet. At least once a week, your sales reps accidentally overwrite each other’s notes and data gets lost.


#11 Sometimes you yell down the hall to Pam, your admin, for a customer’s phone number.


#12 Pam keeps a list of customers in a spreadsheet on her computer. The last time Pam went on vacation, the company practically shut down.


#13 You have no clue what your customers have purchased in the past.


#14 You have no way of tracking who’s done what for your customers.


#15 There’s no defined sales process. You’re not really sure why one sales person is more successful than another.


#16 All your sales people approach their territories differently — and it’s usually unorganized.


#17 Your customers leave and you don’t know why.


#18 Your sales reps always say that customers leave for lower prices elsewhere, even though your prices are very competitive.


#19 Your customers don’t know everything you sell, so they buy from competitors.


#20 Customer orders get messed up and you’re on the hook for fixing them.


#21 You don’t know what your revenue for the month looks like until you hear from your bookkeeper. And you really don’t know what next month looks like.


#22 Trying to get visibility into your organization is like playing darts with spaghetti. Building reports takes a long time and you’re never sure if they’re right.


#23 When employees leave the company, they walk out with most of the information about your prospects and customers.


Value of CRM

Customer Relationship Management helps you get organized and manage your sales team better:


By centralizing all your data in one place you immediately get a view of all your customer information.

When customers call in, you know what’s going on with their accounts. You’re aware of all the latest activities and you know what they’ve purchased from you.

By focusing on the right opportunities from the best lead sources, you maximize your team’s efficiency.

Activities are tracked. You know what your team has – and hasn’t – done.

Tasks, deals and commitments don’t fall through the cracks.  No more missed follow-ups.

You can communicate more frequently and efficiently with customers using professional templates.