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Reasons You Don’t Need CRM

Author: ClaritysoftUploaded: 06/04/2018

15 Reasons You DON’T Need CRM

A handful of experts will tell you every company must have CRM, but we disagree. Not all businesses need a software package to manage customers, leads and opportunities. Some teams use a combination of tracking spreadsheets and email…and it works. If you’re debating whether to invest, here’s why Customer Relationship Management software isn’t for you.

You don’t need CRM if…

#1 You are turning leads into customers.

#2 You know what sales opportunities are in the pipeline.

#3 You can accurately forecast revenue.

#4 You never have to hunt for customer information.

#5 You can quickly answer questions about orders and accounts.

#6 Customer orders are handled efficiently. Errors are rare and the team meets or exceeds customer expectations.

#7 All customers receive thoughtful and thorough follow-up communications.

#8 If a sales rep is out of the office, you still have access to account information and can take care of customers.

#9 If you lose to a competitor, you know why.

#10 Critical sales data is centralized and organized.

#11 You are confident that your customer data is secure.

#12 If a system fails or employees accidentally delete important information, you have a back-up and recovery plan.

#13 You can track marketing communications and identify which campaigns are working and which aren’t.

#14 You can easily delegate tasks and manage sales team activities.

#15 Management makes informed decisions based on factual sales results.

You might want to consider CRM if…

#1 Sales are down.

#2 Customer satisfaction is down.

#3 Prospects and leads aren’t being nurtured.

#4 You want to grow faster.

#5 Follow-ups for customers and opportunities don’t happen on time.

#6 Customer orders are misplaced or mishandled.

#7 You can’t predict future revenue.

#8 You need insight into your sales process.


CRM software won’t magically solve these problems for you. Rather, Customer Relationship Management tools provide a platform for gathering customer information, managing activities, analyzing data and gaining insights. A successful CRM project requires more than picking the right software; it requires commitment from management, sales and service teams to use the tools.