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Ways to Boost Your Sales with Mobile CRM

Author: ClaritysoftUploaded: 06/04/2018

11 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Sales with Mobile CRM

According to research by Inoppl Technologies, 65% of sales reps who adopted mobile customer relationship management (CRM) achieved their sales quotas versus 22% of reps without mobile CRM.  For those with mobile CRM software, that’s almost triple the success rate.


What’s going on?


Mobile CRM helps sales people to be more efficient, provide better follow-up and give quotes more rapidly. This prevents leads and opportunities from falling through the cracks and fosters shorter sales cycles. Also, salespeople are empowered to bring new customers on board, strengthen customer relationships and increase sales volume within their accounts.


It’s not just the salespeople, however, who benefit. Mobile CRM software increases sales management’s productivity too. It enables them to be more responsive, manage their sales teams more effectively, improve forecast accuracy and more.


Let’s dive into the details of what mobile CRM can do for salespeople and then we’ll move on to how sales managers benefit.


Mobile CRM for Sales Pros

Enter Data On-the-Spot

It’s the nature of the job…field salespeople are on the move.


Without online CRM, they have to wait until they return to their offices or hotels to input data from the day’s activities. If you want record keeping to be accurate and comprehensive, it needs to be as easy as possible.


Two problems occur when reps wait until the end of the day to record their notes. First, they may forget important information. Second, after a long day on the road, they just may not feel like firing up their computer to enter data.


Salespeople, however, can dictate notes directly from a phone or tablet into the mobile CRM system when they’re with a client. This process removes the barriers to keeping complete information about every call and increases efficiency.


Stay on Top of Accounts

When reps document the details gleaned from the customer and keep track of tasks, rich information is available for follow up and to-dos don’t fall through the cracks.


Mobilize the Team Remotely

With mobile CRM, salespeople can work from their home offices (or wherever they are) just as efficiently as they could if they were at your main office. For example, they can order product samples and specification sheets on custom parts. And they can assign required follow-up steps to other team members.


They don’t have to worry about lost emails or finding a time to connect with someone by phone. Everything they record is in the right place, ready for the person who’s responsible to take action. Even better? There’s no need for future follow-up calls or emails. The sales people can track all the responsibilities they’ve delegated from within the CRM software.


Quote On-Site

As the saying goes, “strike while the iron is hot.” This is good advice for sales people.


Mobile CRM enables sales reps to create and share custom quotes when they are sitting across from the prospect, increasing the likelihood that they’ll close the sale.


Save Time with Email Templates

Why labor over writing emails from scratch when the best mobile CRM software provides access to email templates? Marketing and sales management can oversee the development of engaging, persuasive emails and ensure they are all proofed to perfection. Then, instead of trying to tap out an email with their thumbs on the phone, reps can quickly select a template, customize it, and send it out.


Mobile CRM Benefits for Sales Management

Increase the Team’s Responsiveness

With mobile CRM, sales managers can rest assured that their team is following up on tasks required to build strong customer relationships and transform prospects into clients. That’s because reps are assigning follow-up tasks on-site, increasing the speed and effectiveness of the sales process.


Boost Efficiency

Mobile CRM applications reduce the amount of time your team spends entering data.


The salespeople no longer have to write notes when they are with the customer and enter the data later. Instead, they enter the data when they’re with the customer.


Your reps don’t have to write emails. They simply customize professionally written templates as necessary. Or, if they want to send the same email to hundreds of prospects and customers, they can personalize a template and send it in minutes.


Finally, you save time in communicating with your reps about the nitty gritty details regarding key accounts because you can get the answers from your CRM system. So, you can use your time with reps to discuss big-picture strategy and to coach them on skills that will help them to seal the next deal.


Shorten Your Sales Cycle

One of the critical concerns for sales managers is how to get revenues in the door faster. Mobile CRM solutions make this possible. Because your team is able to be more responsive and efficient, your sales cycle will naturally be shorter.


Forecast More Accurately

Knowing what’s in the sales pipeline is essential for improving forecast accuracy. Since reps using online CRM are able to create and update opportunities in real-time, the latest information reaches sales and marketing more rapidly. This makes it easy to aggregate the data into at-a-glance reports that help forecast sales with precision.


Manage Your Sales Team’s Productivity

It used to be difficult to assess how salespeople were spending their time. Now, since they are logging their activities (emails, calls, quotes and more) into the CRM software, you know exactly what they’re doing.


You can review rep’s activities to determine which ones predict success.  Use this knowledge to develop best practices for your entire organization. Once you’ve educated your team on what works best, you can monitor activities to see who is following the guidance and who isn’t. Then, take the appropriate steps to improve performance.


Ensure Usage and Success of CRM

What’s one of the most common reasons that CRM projects fail? Lack of user adoption. How do you overcome that? Invest in a CRM solution that reps want to use because it makes their lives easier!


For example, you cannot expect field sales people to return to their hotel rooms eager to enter their data. If you do, you’ll hobble your CRM software’s success before it’s even out of the gate.


Our best advice? Don’t force. Entice.