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Claritysoft Announces Expanded Support Online

  • To serve customers better, Claritysoft is expanding online support for CRM users
  • Customers now have access to video tutorials and a larger, more thorough self-service knowledge base
  • Claritysoft will continue to offer live support via phone, email, training courses and remote desktop sessions

DUBLIN, Ohio – August 19, 2014: In an effort to improve the experience for its Customer Relationship Management users, Claritysoft has expanded its support options, adding a robust and thorough knowledge base designed to allow customers access to resources they need to get the right answers.

Prior to launching these services, customers could call the toll-free phone number, communicate through e-mail, attend a training class or request a remote desktop session. The knowledge base now includes video tutorials, Getting Started guides for every platform and step-by-step articles for more advanced tasks.

Analysts saw a need from clients for these streamlined resources that could be accessed by customers without having to engage company employees. With a continuous focus on improving customer service, Claritysoft executives expedited the roll-out so their clients could have a full suite of support services at their fingertips.

“We’re excited to launch the expanded knowledge base and video tutorials and provide our customers with even more tools to make their experiences seamless,” said Jaclyn Chisholm, Claritysoft Product Manager. “Customers love our domestic-based, live support team, but sometimes they want to access information on their terms, on their own timetable. Sometimes customers would rather read an article online. Now they have that option. Getting support is now as simple as our CRM.”