Customer Reviews

We are extremely happy with Claritysoft and the efficient, user-friendly experience it provides. Our management team can generate customized sales reports in a fraction of the time it used to take. Our salespeople are better equipped to quickly obtain the information they need and keep a client’s records updated and current. We’ve happily waived goodbye to the endless monotony of “too many mouse-clicks” to accomplish the simplest tasks. Thanks Claritysoft!

Tom Ferguson Waterford Consultants, LLC

Claritysoft is very user friendly, easy to use and easy to customize. The pricing is competitive and launch support was very good. The training sessions are awesome. Tech Support is prompt and very helpful -- I love the fact that I deal with US citizens from Sales down to Tech Support!

Mark K. CEO of Multi Funds

We originally choose Claritysoft because it is easy to use and is functionally very capable—especially given its price point. I have been in the workforce for over 30 years and have used several competing products. Claritysoft staff responds and delivers results faster, and at a better value, than any other services company that I have worked with.

Todd Peter Albrecht

Tim was assigned to assist me and our company with re-designing our Quote Template. Tim was nothing short of amazing – patient, knowledgeable, a true expert. He took charge and instead of giving me lots of tips on how to redo the report, took some time, persistence and got all of it done for me. I really felt valued as a customer every time he was in communication with me and presented his work results. Tim always communicated clearly and very effectively and did not give up until I was completely happy!

Nik S. BILT by Agassi and Reyes

We needed a way to enhance our communication and have all client information at our fingertips. We have found Claritysoft to exceed our expectations and discovered additional uses that enhance our efficiency.

Jim Inquirehire

Claritysoft has lived up to its billing, in the functionality of the system and service before, during and after the sales process. The ease of use of the system has been great! Our employees find Claritysoft easy to use, flexible and an excellent tool for our organization.

Dave T. Opti-Port

Claritysoft has been one of the drivers for increasing sales in our organization. We were able to customize the system to meet our specific business’s needs. Importing data from lead sources is very simple. Bringing on new sales staff has not been an issue with this product due to the ease of implementation and the simplicity of the product. You need to consider this product before you purchase a CRM tool.

Perry S. Oman President, Muirfield Energy

We have been using the software for years and find it very helpful in organizing our relatively large database of customers. I personally enjoy the ease of emailing groups with a mere click, as well as the ease of searching the database for particular criteria. We are happy customers!

Kurt FW Cobs Company Inc.

The best part of working with Claritysoft is the engagement and responsiveness of the company’s support staff. Claritysoft has provided exceptional service through its account managers, programmers, and general customer support team.

Jared Measurement Controls Ltd.

Our company was converting to a new Contact Management System this year. We looked at many options, but many of the other systems were built for larger companies with processes our small company did not need. Claritysoft has many of the important features that our company was interested in tracking – leads, client management, vendor relationships. In addition, as a smaller company with limited personnel, we were concerned that the process would be very cumbersome and time-consuming. However, Allison and her support staff at Claritysoft were extremely helpful – they took the time to discuss our company’s goals and how we would use the system so they would better understand the best way to implement Claritysoft for us. The support staff worked along with us to be sure that the system was put in place right the first time. We were up and running in no time and are very satisfied.

Cheryl Fry Harry Fry & Associates

Claritysoft is efficient and easy to use – our experience with Claritysoft has been great. Our customer information database is now all in one place, very organized and easy to access by multiple users at the same time. We appreciate all the online/phone weekly training sessions offered free of charge which helped us get started. Great product!!!

Vilmar P. American Jets

It was the patience, understanding and genuine warmth from the Claritysoft team that made me pick Claritysoft over everyone else. We now get looked after by our account handler Susan (who is an utter star). I couldn’t be happier and couldn’t recommend a better bunch of people or product.

Kate Brown & Hudson

We reviewed almost every CRM available and found that Claritysoft is by far the best value. It had all the features we need at a much more reasonable price than the others. Plus it’s a simple, user-friendly program for both our tech-challenged and tech-savvy sales people. Customizations are easy to implement for our specific needs and Claritysoft’s customer support is excellent…they truly care about finding solutions to problems. I definitely would recommend going with Claritysoft.

Betsy MSI-Viking Gage

We've used a lot of CRM systems and nothing compares to the power and ease of use of Claritysoft.

Wayne Bonofide

It is not very often that you come away from a live demo feeling 'warm and fuzzy' about the experience, but with you guys, the product really shone. Please keep up the good work. Thanks for your great customer support.

Ian Water Group

The beauty of Claritysoft is its simplicity. Easy to use and continually improving

Brenda Lawrenson Belroc Interiors Inc, Ontario

We choose Claritysoft for its intuitive design and ease of customization. The entire Claritysoft team is always available to meet our support needs and listen to our suggestions. Claritysoft provides just that and more! Claritysoft feels like custom software designed specifically for us.

Lisa Emerald Networks Holding Limited

CRM is an often overlooked task for the small business owner. We want it, but frankly don’t have the time or technical experience to make it happen. Claritysoft changed my perspective. I have CRM at my fingertips and I don’t have to be an IT pro to use it. We now capture key information designed for our needs. Check it out.

Craig Sedoris Owner More Time For You

We have five teams servicing the promotional products industry. With over 30,000 names in our database, and constant contact throughout the year, we chose Claritysoft for our CRM provider. Great program, great service and a perfect “fit” for our teams.

Bob Lollipop Solutions, Inc.

Everyone at Claritysoft has been super to work with. I'm very impressed with the product and the service has been outstanding.

Dave HubertBob JK Tool, Inc.

We tried to install a Workgroup contact management solutions from Act. After 30 days of pulling our hair out, we gave up and called Claritysoft. Within 24 hours, our entire office was live and productive on Claritysoft.

Brian Insurance Agent

We can generate customized sales reports in a fraction of the time it used to take and our salespeople are now much better equipped to close business with Claritysoft. We’ve happily waved goodbye to the endless monotony of “too many mouse-clicks” to accomplish the simplest tasks. Thanks Claritysoft!

Tom Waterford Consultants