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City of Dublin Exceeds Expectations with Claritysoft CRM

City of Dublin Exceeds Expectations with Claritysoft CRM

  • In just 2 years, the City of Dublin Economic Development Division improved the success of its annual Business Appreciation mailing from a 30% return rate to a 5% return.
  • The effort to compile the mailing was significantly reduced from many hours across multiple work units to just one hour for one resource.
  • Costs were reduced by using more reliable internal data rather than an external subscription service provider.

DUBLIN, Ohio – June 30, 2015: Using the Claritysoft CRM tool to organize its annual Economic Development mailing, the City of Dublin, Ohio recently reported a drastic improvement over prior campaign results.

“Because we hire customer-oriented employees and have high expectations of them, Dublin continues to exceed citizen and business expectations,” says Tammy Brown, Administration Specialist with the City of Dublin. “Resident and business satisfaction drives what we do on a daily basis.”

Dublin, Ohio is an educated and forward-thinking city located to the northwest of Columbus, Ohio. More than 43,000 residents and 3,000 businesses call Dublin home, as do the Jack Nicklaus’ PGA Tour Memorial Tournament and the Dublin Irish Festival.

According to the National Citizen Survey, Dublin ranks #1 in Overall Economic Health, Economic Development and Employment Opportunities, in part by providing high-end services to corporations and residents.

A key component of the services that Dublin provides are the outreach efforts of the Dublin Economic Development Division, which offers a number of programs including Training & Workforce Development, Safety & Security Services via the Division of Police, Special Events Sponsorships, Volunteering Opportunities and more.

Annually, the division completes a very important mailing to city businesses, which in the past was managed by a subscription service.

“It was expensive, time-consuming, and the results left much to be desired,” Brown said.

In 2013, using only the subscription service, the mailing return rate was 30%. In 2014, using a combination of the service and data collected in Claritysoft, the return rate was 12%. In 2015, using only the data gathered in Claritysoft, the mailing return rate was 5%.

“We were so pleased with the results garnered for the city that we were ready to turn cartwheels,” Brown said.

Additionally, the department saved money and significant amounts of time using Claritysoft. Previously the department worked with a GIS team to review addresses provided by the subscription service. Other city teams had to manually review every piece of information. Now, using Claritysoft CRM’s contact management features, the team was able to create the mailing list in far less time.

“Using Claritysoft, we compiled the mailing list in less than an hour,” Brown said, “and we didn’t have to pay for the subscription service. Our own data was better and more accurate.”

The City of Dublin also uses Claritysoft CRM to support contact management across multiple different departments and work units including the City Manager’s Office, Economic Development, Legislative Affairs, Community Relations Events Administration Volunteer Resources, and more.

“We host many, many events each year, from small business development meetings to large-scale events like the Memorial Tournament,” Brown said. “In addition to our other uses of this tool, we utilize Claritysoft to identify who should be invited to these events and can then export contact data to whatever software we choose.”

Instead of keeping paper files and spreadsheets across different departments, contact information can now be centralized and accessed in one place. If a contact owner makes an update, it is then readily available to all city departments.

“Our days can be chaotic and change is constant,” Brown said. “By streamlining our processes, we’re able to focus on building better relationships with businesses rather than data manipulation.”