Automated customer service software

Accelerate responsiveness with intuitive, automated customer service software and provide your clients with the experience they expect.

Customer service automation

Crm services that keep customers happy

With Clarity CRM’s customer service automation solution, you can manage your support services and ticketing process swiftly and accurately. Clarity CRM’s service automation software provides your business with powerful tools to effectively tackle customer support issues quickly and efficiently. Our automated customer service CRM software greatly reduces the manual effort required for resolving client issues. The result? Faster problem solving, happier customers, greater customer retention. Call us for more information about our service automation solution!

Automate to deliver swift customer resolution

Clarity CRM’s service automation business solution allows your team to centralize all customer support interactions for seamless communication between your team and your clients. Our customer management software helps your business quickly resolve customer issues with robust support and servicing tools. Utilize Clarity CRM’s service automation software to gain ready access to activity history, purchase history, and past tickets, helping you guide the conversation and provide the best support possible.

Versatile support ticketing options

The main ticketing module of Clarity CRM’s service automation feature serves as the central hub for all of your support inquiries, while the issues module can be used to corral your top-level support issues into one area. Service automation software helps you manage, organize, and prioritize your internal support issues and track customer tickets without ever leaving the CRM.

Service automation benefits

  • Centralize all customer support interactions
  • Efficiently track service tickets
  • Customer engagement tracking and reporting
  • Solve customer issues
  • Prioritize, categorize, and assign tickets
  • Increase sales rep productivity
  • Increase communication with your customers
  • Gain insight on your team’s performance

Take care of your customers

Clarity Help Desk is a simple to use system designed to efficiently track service tickets, customer engagement, & solve customer issues. Connect the dots – Service & CRM.


Clarity CRM‘s Help Desk service automation allows your team to centralize all customer support interactions which leads to seamless communication between your team and clients.

Automate ticket routing

Prioritize, categorize, & assign your tickets to the right team members at the right time. Be productive and manage customer interactions.

A user friendly and intuitive design

Increase agent productivity by allowing them to focus less on learning the product and more on the customer experience.

Communicate with your customers

Automatically notify your customers and team with personalized updates based on changes to ticket status. Service automation helps reduce redundant tasks and improve communication.

Follow tickets

Stay informed. Follow important tickets to receive updates throughout the support process.

Customize the experience

Clarity Help Desk is designed to be flexible. Configure the system to meet the specific requirements of your organization. Customize screens for different support teams and tailor workflows to improve user efficiency.

Ticket web forms

Create web forms which allow your customer base to easily and quickly submit tickets directly from your website.

Issue tracking & management

Associate tickets to issues, then automatically resolve the tickets when the larger issue is resolved. Simplify problems, reduce effort.

Gain insights on your team

Build custom reports and dashboards to better understand your customers, team, and performance. Clarity CRM’s service automation helps you establish a clear picture of how you’re doing and where to improve.