Marketing automation software

Generate more opportunities with targeted marketing automation software

Email marketing

Complete control of your marketing

Clarity CRM delivers unparalleled marketing automation solutions, empowering you to target customers, prospects and contacts with captivating email marketing. Send the right message specifically tailored for each recipient and delivered precisely when you want. Our marketing automation gives you enormous control over what you say, when you say it and who you say it to. Clarity CRM is your marketing automation software specialist. Talk to us for more information about our marketing automation and email marketing software!

Professional messaging, pin-point delivery

Marketing Automation is another indispensable tool from Clarity CRM’s extensive feature set. Our Marketing Automation solution gives you precision and power. Target the right people at the right time with exactly the right information.

Capture the true essence of your message

With Clarity CRM’s email marketing, turn a simple text email into an engaging, graphically rich, attractive marketing communique complete with links to all your relevant websites and landing pages. Newsletters. Holiday greetings. Promotions. Whatever you’re sending, Clarity CRM’s email marketing and marketing automation capabilities help ensure every customer and prospect touch conveys the sense of professionalism you require.

See how you’re doing

Say it and say it with style. Then gain invaluable campaign insights by tracking the progress and success of your email marketing campaigns. The campaign analytics dashboard, standard in the Clarity CRM marketing automation solution, will help you understand how well you’re reaching your audience and help you continually refine and improve your message. Targeted email marketing with our marketing automation software will help you drive traffic, generate more leads and enhance sales opportunities.

Exceptional crm marketing automation benefits

Clarity CRM delivers a marketing automation tool that can help build, manage and measure your email marketing campaigns, including the benefits below:

  • Create branded professional email
  • Deliver fully responsive mobile-friendly email
  • Measure performance through tracking analytics
  • Target a specific audience
  • Build brand credibility
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Grow your audience
  • Build customer excitement
  • Boost sales

Crm email marketing

Create beautiful and responsive emails with Email Studio. Use the drag and drop interface to quickly build email campaigns that showcase your brand.

Grow your audience

Whether you’re utilizing CRM for small business solutions or for large enterprises alike, build your audience from the contacts already in Clarity CRM. Define and Save an audience based on the CRM data you’re collecting right inside Clarity CRM.

A/B testing

Test email variations to determine your most effective approach to conversion performance.

Web forms your way

Build web forms in minutes. With marketing automation add virtually any field from Clarity CRM into your web forms to capture the information you need from potential customers.

Notify sales reps at the right time

Clarity CRM’s marketing automation software enables you to automatically notify the right sales rep when your prospects are ready to engage.