Sales automation software

Increase sales and streamline the sale process

Sales automation software

Increase sales and streamline the sales process

Clarity CRM’s sales automation software enables businesses to streamline sales processes and standardize the tasks involved. Our sales automation solution gives you the edge you may need to accelerate your sales cycle and help achieve your business goals. Utilize the full power of Clarity CRM to track leads, manage accounts, and create professional, branded quotes and proposals. Clarity CRM’s sales automation delivers exceptional tools for propelling the sales process forward at every stage. Call Claritysoft today!

Automate your process and coordinate your team

Clarity CRM’s sales automation solution gives you a comprehensive view of customer and prospect details, as well as the tools for driving more sales, and getting & keeping more customers. With Clarity CRM sales automation, coordinate work and activities so team members know what needs to get done and who is responsible. Ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, and your customers are getting the attention they deserve with our exceptional sales automation functionality.

Automate for consistency

With sales automation from Clarity CRM, you can track and manage your leads throughout the entire sales process and automatically initiate protocols and processes as the sales cycle stages advance.

Stay in control of your sales funnel system

Improve sales forecasting and manage the sales process, from first contact through the entire customer journey. Increase visibility and efficiency with Clarity CRM’s powerful sales automation.

Sales automation benefits

  • Track all activities, attachments, contacts, notes, opportunities, quotations, sales, and services for an account from a single intuitive view
  • Fully customize the user interface to meet the unique needs of your business
  • Utilize custom fields to capture the unique information you need
  • Access and manage your data from any device
  • Run out of the box reports or create your own custom-tailored reports
  • Utilize list actions to reduce redundant activities
  • Create quote and sale proposals in seconds
  • Import your data from Microsoft Excel
  • Integrate with Outlook & Gmail

Accelerate sales performance and win more deals with simple crm tools

Empower your sales team with automated tools for a sales pipeline that leads to decisive wins. Power features are made easy so they get used often.

Account and contact management

Manage the Information You Need to Sell and Service

Clarity CRM helps you manage your relationships and get all your work done from one record. Customize your screens and keep track of unique CRM data. Add tasks, meetings, notes and attachments. Create opportunities, generate quotes and convert them to sales all from a single Account or Contact record.

Activity management

Manage Tasks, Calls & Meetings

Outperform the competition. Sales automation helps you stay organized and maintain control of all you and your team do.

Opportunity tracking

Manage and Forecast Sales Opportunities

  • Manage Opportunities from Lead to Sale
  • Automate action plans for perfect execution
  • Define stages for inclusion in your sales forecast
  • Add items from your product catalog to forecast with precision
  • Convert Opportunities to Quotes, Sales and Projects
  • Mass email directly from your Opportunities

Price quotations & proposals

Streamline Your Quote and Proposal Process

  • Look great every time with a consistent, professional and branded quote and proposal process.
  • Create custom branded Quotation and Proposal Templates
  • Manage and maintain your Product Catalog
  • Mass Email every contact with an open quotation

Sales orders & invoices

Manage Sales Orders

Keep the sales process easy for both you and your customers with Clarity CRM.

Turbo charge your day

Power Features Made Easy

  • Mass Email
  • Business Rule Notifications
  • Group Edits
  • Workflow Activity Series
  • Email Tracking
  • Forecast Reports Delivered Automatically

Drive performance with a custom fit user experience

Create an interface for specific roles. As with everything in Clarity CRM, your sales team members can customize unique screens to fit their specific duties on the sales team.

Customized & flexible sales automation

  • Custom Sales Process
  • Automated Business Rules and Notifications
  • Custom Fields and Modules
  • Calculated Fields
  • Automatic Forecast Delivery

Take control of your brand.

Establish consistency in your customer communication and messaging with standardized, branded sales assets and templates you create and share with your team.

  • Email Templates
  • Brochures and Documentation
  • Quotes & Proposals
  • Invoices & Orders

Document library

  • Share Brochures and Documentation with your team
  • Email sales collateral directly from Clarity CRM and track delivery and opens

Leverage the power in your data

Find Anything and Take Action

Your CRM data contains untapped opportunities to drive better results. Leverage the powerful advanced search capabilities of our sales automation software to find, isolate and take action on a group of records. Send an Email, Export to Excel, Group Edit, Add a Mass Activity and more.

Execute consistently every time

Workflow Action Plans

Set up a flow of activities for any event such as a new lead, opportunity or customer. Action plans ensure you always execute consistently.

Reports and dashboards

Improve forecast accuracy and predictability

Powerful, Professional, Automatic

  • Out-of-the-box set of KPI’s, Graphs & Reports
  • Create Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Build powerful data filters right into your reports so you get the right data at the right time.

Empower your team to do what they do best with clarity crm’s sales automation.

Reduce Busy Work, Make Your Work Easier

  • Easier to use
  • Easier to learn
  • Faster productivity
  • Totally customizable
  • Seamless automation
  • Send an email
  • Add a task or call
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Add a note or attachment
  • Add opportunities, quotes, or sales
  • Add a project or support ticket
  • Add a custom module item

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